National Park Authority 2022 Calendar

I always get a real buzz when someone asks if they can use an image of mine, especially when it's someone who has seen the image in question and likes it so much they want to include it in a calendar - and when that "someone" is the New forest National Park recommending your image be included in the National Parks Authority 2022 calendar...

...considering the thousands of images available for them to use, it's really pleasing they chose one of mine! Also helps it's a personal favourite of mine too!!

national parks authority - september image

To see the image, click here >>


New Forest National Park Featured Photographer

When you're whizzing through the Inbox, deleting all those uninteresting emails offering you extra special web design services, or thousands of guaranteed Facebook "Likes" (as long as you don't mind them all living on some tiny island in the Philipinnes), it's always nice to find a message that puts a smile on your face.

I'm very pleased, and rather touched, to have been invited to join the New forest National Park Authority's list of Featured Photographers.

We've exchanged information and images, and I'll post a link to the page as soon it's live.



Moors Valley Landscape Photography Workshops

Another series of Photography Walks wrapped up, and another in the planning stages!

Another series should be online soon, with dates looking likely to be from February through the Spring.

Keep an eye out on here, or on



Moors Valley Landscape Photography Workshops

Just one date left in the diary now for 2014. We're taking a break while you all enjoy your summer holidays, and we're back on September 28th for an autumnal wander around Bolderwood in the New forest.

If you'd like to come along, places can be booked through Moors Valley



What a summer...

2014 has been one of my busiest years on history, but sadly not for landscape photography! After spending most of the year on huge amounts of commercial work, I'm longing to get back out in the peace and serenity of the pre-dawn countryside. Watch this space for some new images soon!

If you'd like to read the stories behind some of my images, why not pop over to my blog for a read. The words are the same, so just choose your preferred (if you have one) platform.

Wordpress Wordpress Blog

Blogger Blogger Site



Moors Valley Landscape Photography Workshops

Our 2013 season of workshops run in conjunction with Moors Valley drew to an end with a very enjoyable afternoon recently at Hengistbury Head.

We are just finalising dates and venues for a season of workshops for 2014. Details still to be confirmed but currently are;

April 27th - Badbury Rings / Beech Avenue

May 18th - Cranborne

June 22nd - Win Green

July 27th - New Forest, Bratley View

Sept 28th - New Forest, Bolderwood



While The Weather Is Bad...

It really hasn't been photo-friendly weather recently. I know I harp on about weather fronts providing some great lighting and hanging around on location for the rain to stop so I can shoot, but short of wearing waders and fixing an anchor to my belt, it's not a feasible proposition at the moment.

While I'm not shooting, I've been posting Blog entries featuring information on how (and why) I captured some of my personal favourite images.

While we wait for the rain to stop, why not pop over to Wordpress or Blogger for a read.

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Top Of The Pic's!

Almost exactly two years since Corfe Castle At Dawn sold for use on a relaxation CD, it's sold again - for a music CD! As usual with sales through the image library, I don't know all the details except it's a music CD for Worldwide release for the next three years! If you see it, please let me know - there's a free Workshop for the first reported (and confirmed) sighting!

Corfe Castle At Dawn



Landscape Photography Workshops

After a couple of very successful seasons of Photowalks in conjunction with Moors Valley Country Park, I am very pleased to announce that we will be running another series through 2013. For this series, we will be concentrating on the photography more, and not so much walking! The aim being to spend as much time on each outing concentrating on the techniques and tips to get you taking better landscapes.

Workshops kick off on May 5th where we explore part of Dorset's Coast at Hengistbury Head. Places are bookable via Moors Valley direct.

Other workshops include; June 2nd, Cranborne Chase; 14th July, Badbury Rings and 15th September, New Forest.




Some of the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the Pinterest icon on my home page. I'm currently in the process of adding new boards, and pinning some of my favourite images, both of my own and from other photographers, some of whom will have inspired my work.

Why not pay a visit - just click here.



Autumnal newspaper

Well, it's the time of year when the keyword "autumn" appears a lot in image libraries. I'm very pleased that one of my "autumn" shots was chosen by a National Newspaper recently!


To see the full size image, click here.



2013 Calender anyone?

Ok, that might be a premature question, but keep your eyes peeled as one of my poppy images has just sold to be used in a 2013 calendar!

Got to love their taste!!

Calendar Poppies

To see the full size image, click here.



One-on-One Landscape Workshops launch!

Following the roaring success of our Photography Walks, special Sunrise or Sunset One-on-One Workshops are now available. Customised to your exact needs, these Workshops will maximise your Golden Hour image making.

One-on-One Workshop

For more details, or to book a Workshop, click here.



2012 Photography Walks - new events!

New Photography Walk dates available;

April 29th at Hengistbury Head

May 27th at Martin Down

June 24th in the New Forest

July 22nd back at Win Green (more of the surrounding area being walked and photographed).

We also have a full day event planned, based at Moors Valley on September 16th - a first!

More details from Moors Valley.



Photography Walks - dates added!

Sorry, I'm still on about these Photography Walks but, due to demand, we have just added March 18th as an extra date. The format stays the same as 1pm - 4.30pm, but the venue slips into the New Forest at Bratley View. For more details, and to book on, click here.



Photo Walks, yet another update!!

Sorry, all I seem to be talking about is my photography walks! They've been so popular, the March event is almost fully booked already. At the moment, Moors Valley and I are looking at dates to bring you a series of Photography Walks throughout 2012. Watch this space!!



Photo Walks, another update!!

I have just been told the next Photography Walk at Win Green is now fully booked - which is great, and I look forward to seeing you all there!

Moors Valley are still taking names for a Reserve list and depending on numbers of Reserves, we will probably hold another walk the following Sunday, November 20th.

Details of how to get in touch with Moors Valley can be found here.



Dragonfly image proving popular.

The current Dorset Life (November 2011 edition) and the upcoming East Dorset News magazines are both featuring one of my Moors Valley Dragonfly images.

Dragonfly (asp10-7558)

East Dorset News will be using the image as a front cover while Dorset Life have me tucked away inside on page 13.

To see the full size image, just click here.



Photography walks dates announced!

I am running a series of photography walks in conjunction with Moors Valley Country Park. Whether you have the latest DSLR, a compact or a camera phone, I'll lead you around some of Dorset's lovely countryside and give some tips and tricks to help improve your landscape photography. As well as the technical aspects of photography, we'll also be looking at composition and how you can engage the viewer.

Photography Masterclass

After the walks, the fun continues as we use Flickr to view and comment on each other's images before getting your favourite image printed ready to go in an exhibition at Moors Valley! If your print sells at the exhibition, you get your course fee refunded!!

Dates and venues are;

October 16th, Badbury Rings.

November 13th, Win Green.

March 4th, Cranborne.

Each walk runs from 1pm to 4.30pm. For more details, and to book a place, click here (opens in a new window).



Dorset magazine front cover!

One of my poppy images is currently featured on the front cover of the newest Dorset magazine (Sept 2011 edition). Although I have been published many times, this is my first front cover and it was quite something to walk into my local supermarket and see several rows of the magazine, and my poppies, staring at me!!

Dorset magazine - Sept 2011 issue

Naturally, prints are available! Click here to see the image.



Image shortlisted!

One of my recent images has just been shortlisted for a major national photography competition - more news as it happens !!



National Trust Images

I am very pleased to announce that I have just been accepted as an official, contracted, freelancer contributor for National Trust Images. Some of you will have seen the message 'Due to an agreement with...' on my recent images of National Trust properties - and now you know why! As well as National Trust Images using my photos for stock and publishing purposes, you will soon be able to purchase prints of these images. This is all still very new, and will take some time for the images to start appearing in their library, but I'll keep you up to date and add links to the relevant pages. With so many lovely National Trust properties around here, I'm going to be busy!!



Website updates

As you will probably notice, I am in the process of making some changes to this website. These are mainly small changes to the way the images are presented on the page and also to add some extra print options such as box canvas and acrylic prints. This shouldn't take too long for me to finish and, hopefully, it won't affect your enjoyment of my images - just please excuse any 'odd' looking pages over the next few weeks!



Do you Flickr?

Are you one of the many people using Flickr? If so, I'd love to see your images! Click here to see my Photostream and maybe join up as contacts.



Corfe Castle - in the pink!

My personal favourite, and my most popular image, has just sold again! This time it's going to be used on the cover of a relaxation CD - different I know, but it's for Worldwide use and should be appearing in health-type shops somewhere near you very soon. To see a bigger version, click here.



Otters in Dorset river!

They're not great images, but I spent a lovely half hour watching Otters swimming and fishing in the river last weekend. I was very surprised to see them as I've never seen an Otter in Dorset before! I managed to grab a couple of shots but the real highlight was watching these lovely creatures up close, it really was special. Oh, and there were a couple of Kingfishers flying around too!!





Outdoor Photography feature

I recently joined Phil Malpas, Clive Minnitt, and a couple of other Outdoor Photography magazine readers for a day out at Watersmeet on Exmoor. The weather was awful with howling gales and constant rain! Thankfully, in the shelter of the gorge, we managed to get some shots. If you would like to see the article, it is in the May 2011 issue of Outdoor Photography (on sale from Monday 18th April). If you would like to see the images I took on the day, click here.



Framed prints available soon!

Following recent comments and requests, I am in the process of setting up a page on I can supply quality prints, but a Gallery will allow me to offer you prints on acrylic sheet, aluminium and canvas as well as framed prints. You will also be able to pick the exact size required as well as finishing options such as matt/gloss, frame colour etc. As soon as this is all live, I will post some links for you.

If you have any questions about this before then, please just click here to ask!



A big post-exhibition thank you!

I would like to thank all of you who took part in my recent exhibition. In particular, all of you who bought prints or canvases - I'm very pleased you liked my work enough to want to hang it on your walls; to those of you who took the time and trouble to email me with kind comments - this is the next biggest compliment to purchasing a print; to the people I spoke to while at the exhibition - you didn't always know I was the photographer so your compliments were almost annonymous and very gratefully received! And finally, to the Moors Valley team who did a great job of looking after things for me while I wasn't there and keeping me up to date with what was happening - a massive thank you!!



Christchurch image in the news!

A national newspaper has chosen one of my images for an editorial piece. My dawn shot of Christchurch will appear as a full page image on December 8th. Unfortunately, as the sale was through Alamy, I don't know which newspaper! If you see it, let me know! To see the image on this site, click here.



A La Ronde sells again!

Twice in one year, one of my A La Ronde images has just sold again to a magazine for publication. As Alamy don't reveal the identity of the publisher, all I know is it will be on sale for the month of December - if you see it, let me know!



Black & White gallery added.

A new Black & White gallery has just been added to the site. Certain images have much more impact in B&W and have a completely different feeling to them once you remove colour and highlight the subject matter. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while and I'm pleased so say you can now see it live here. I'm still in the process of adding B&W images so expect the page to keep filling - so keep coming back to look!



Exhibition starts Saturday, Dec 4th!

Details of my next exhibition are now available. Situated at the visitor centre at Moors Valley Country park and running from Saturday, Dec 4th until Sunday, January 16th, 2011. A range of framed prints will be on show and available for purchase. Opening hours are 9am to 4.30pm. Entrance to the venue is free, but car parking charges do apply. For more information on the venue, and how to get there, click here.



PhotoPlus is on the shelves!

The latest edition of PhotoPlus is now available from all good newsagents. Turn to the 'Inspirations' section to see my Peacock image as a double-page spread. I think it looks good - and so does the feedback I've had so far! To see the Peacock on this site, click here.



Popular Peacock!

A matter of weeks after PhotoPlus request the use of my Peacock image, it sells for commercial use through Alamy! I'll try to find out how it's going to be used and let you all know. If you see it before I do, please let me know !!



Major magazine publisher use Peacock image.

PhotoPlus magazine will feature my Peacock image in an upcoming edition as a double-page spread. It's going to be in issue 0039 and I'll let you know when it's in the shops! To see the image, please click here. I have to admit, after the recent shenanigans with the online image theft, this has rather restored my faith in human nature!



Online image theft.

Unfortunately, I have fallen victim to online image theft and copyright infringement. A printing company has taken it upon themselves to take images from this website for their own commercial use without even asking permission, let alone offering any kind of reproduction fee. While I am flattered that they like my images so much, I'm sorry to say this leaves me with no choice but to watermark my images to safeguard copyright. I will try and make any watermarks as subtle as possible and only as visible as they need to be to prevent further abuse. I sincerely hope you understand my position, and that the watermarks do not detract from your enjoyment of my images.

Please note, other companies caught in possession of my images, and found to be using them for unauthorised commercial purposes, had better read this.



National newspaper use image.

A national newspaper has bought one of my Stourhead images to feature in an editorial piece. To see the image used, click here.



Exhibition planned!

A new, and bigger than previous, exhibition is planned for later this year. More news as it happens!



New website with shopping basket.

Due to popular demand, I have just launched this new website which now includes a shopping basket to make ordering prints much simpler. You can checkout using your PayPal account or, if you don't use PayPal, you can use your credit or debit card like any other shopping basket.



National Trust use image for exhibition.

As part of the Beech Avenue celebrations, the National Trust used one of my images for their video wall. To see the image used, just click here.



Another image sold for publication.

A guide book is due to be released in January 2010 and will feature my image of the Cloisters at Lacock Abbey, To see the image, just click here.