A winter's dawn, Boscombe (asp100-2966)

Boscombe (asp100-2966)

A winter's dawn, Boscombe (asp100-2966)

It's times like these when you really appreciate the joy of being a landscape photographer! The morning had been very cold and grey, and a far cry from the suggested sunrise according to the weather forecast. Having spent the pre-dawn period shooting high contrast, B&W long exposure work (as that best matched the conditions), it was with pure joy that I enjoyed, and captured, some of the amazing light you get at this time of year. My colour show lasted all of four minutes - half of which was spent moving position, changing settings/filters/composition/guessing which wave to use. I literally shot 5 frames - and this had the perfect wave position. Joy!!

Exposure info

1.3 sec at f/16, ISO100

0.6 ND Grad

Sizes and options